Super Mario Game Download For PC Latest Version 2020

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  • Create Date 30th March 2020

The Super Mario game influenced away generations with its pleasant backstory and super designs. This version of the game aims to do the same. You can easily look back at the fun times by downloading this version of the Super Mario game for PC.

Now you can play PC Mario game on window mode, full-screen mode. The full-screen feature improves your gaming experience and gives you more awareness over the bright graphics quality and simplicity. You can play the game with the help of essential keyboard functions and arrow keys and can press the spacebar to get Mario to bounce in the game.

How do I install Super Mario Game on PC?

  1. Install Blue stacks and run the installer
  2. Complete one-time setup
  3. Go to the search bar at the top right corner and search for super Mario Run
  4. Now install super Mario from the google play Store
  5. Once installation complete, click the super Mario Run icon in the My Apps tab
  6. You are all done! Enjoy playing Super Mario Run on your PC

How do you play Super Mario Game on PC?

1. Find a suitable emulator for the version of Super Mario you want to play.

  1. Download and install an emulator.
  2. Find a port of the Mario game you want to play (often called ROMs).
  3. Load your Mario ROM onto the emulator.
  4. Enjoy.


  • Window and full-screen modes
  • Checkpoints save your game in places if Mario dies
  • Graphics are nearly identical to the original games
  • Fun levels and back story that set the stage


Difficult to maneuvers using your keyboard at first

Key features of Super Mario Bros Game

  • Easy toggle between full-screen modes
  • Easy checkpoints to save your game progress
  • Easy ways to save places if Mario dies in the game.
  • Game graphics identical to the original game graphics
  • Fun and engaging backstory for better playtime