AM2R Download Another Metroid 2 Remake For PC 2020

AM2R Download

AM2R Download

AM2R is the abbreviation of ‘Another Metroid 2 Remake’. It is a remake of Metroid II, which was launched in 1991 for Game Boy and NES. It went popular in no time especially on NES initially designed for and other countries too such as Japan, the main reason people was so obsessed with this game was the radical graphics which was ahead of the days at the time.

About AM2R Download 2020

A new version of this game is developed. This new version will take you back to the 90s but with the handier device. Now you don’t need to buy Nintendo to enjoy this anesthetic game. Instead, you can download it on your PCs and enjoy it.

It was nominated in The Game Awards 2016. After which the Nintendo sent an official DMCA message and removed all the download links from all the websites in 2016.

Now this game works with PCs and windows. It is an action and adventure game with new updates.

Another Metroid 2 Remake Updates

UPDATESDifficult levels, New enemies, Fixed a lot of glitches, Adds sounds,m Many more.

You manage Samus Aran dealing with the Metroids in depth of planets with all the required equipments and map used to provide the guideline you requires on the way. You will go through from one location to another only with the help of the map given to you. It has four levels; alpha, gamma, zeta, and omega. It is a fight against the alien Metroids.

AM2R Another Metroid 2 Remake Features

Various changes and updates have made in the new version for the people ambitious about this game to come in handy and easy to play, but to win this need to be played in a quite efficient manner to reach the end level.

Some features are listed below

  1. Zero mission style
  2. Map to the players for the guidelines


  1. for more fun on each level
  2. Different scenarios to keep the player interested in game
  3. More soundtracks with amazing sound quality
  4. High-quality graphics
  5. Updated enemies for an effective definition
  6. Challenging Metroid fights

It is suitable for both windows and android.